As you may recall, we recently started using a new method for you to sign up to work  race weekends.  It was done via MotorsportsReg and showed great promise in helping us keep track of workers, rooms, etc.

However, another method recently became available to RMVR and we're now going to use it instead of the MSR method.  Sorry for the false start, but we think you'll find this new method MUCH easier to use.  It's as simple as clicking on a link in Lisa's emails and answering the questions.  NO logins are required. 

We'd ask that if at all possible your sign up using the new online sign up method.   During the year you'll be receiving emails from Lisa with links to signup for all our coming events.  Right now we're only have the upcoming Thunder On The Arkansas event ready for your sign up.  But in a few weeks at most, we'll post links for all our remaining  2016 events.

Anyway, Lisa  will be sending you emails from time to time with a link to our website page (below) where you can volunteer.  But you don't have to wait for her emails.  Just add the following web page to your browser's Bookmarks or Favorites and you can sign up anytime you wish for any event.  You don't have to wait for Lisa's emails.  Or, just visit and on the right side of the Home Page click on the orange "Sign Up Now" button.

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